Denise Patch

I’ve known Dawn from the neighborhood, so naturally when I needed an attorney I turned to her, she was always friendly and a she’s great mom!!!. However, Never did I expect the level of expertise I received. That may have sounded negative but it’s a very positive statement. We all know how attorneys operate. Pretty standard protocol. This was NOT the first time I had been to court for my particular case. It was a custody case. I had a different attorney the first time, I did not know Dawn the first round and my old attorney has since moved. The opposing attorney came at us HARD, using a hardcore scare tactic that really did scare me. Gave me a ton of anxiety, with sleepless nights. Dawn called often, with her constant, reassuring voice. She kept telling me, don’t worry, they are trying to scare you. I finally thew my hands up and told Dawn ” I trust you, I will do what you tell me to do.” Dawn was always focused and polite. She never lost site of what was most important and that was MY SON. Even when we went to mediation, the mediator told me I have an outstanding attorney. I would recommend Dawn to everyone and anyone. She goes above and beyond. She is caring and professional all in one. She is the ultimate package in an attorney!!! Love her!!!