Dawn M. Boyd is a Certified Family Law Mediator in the State of Indiana and is listed on the Registry of Approved Court Mediators with the Supreme Court of Indiana. Ms. Boyd works with parties who are both represented and unrepresented by attorneys.

Mediation is the process, where an impartial and neutral third party helps the participants to identify the issues in dispute and work toward reaching an agreement while retaining the decision making authority. The process is voluntary, confidential, and cooperative. The Academy of Family Law Mediators defines mediation as “(A) family centered conflict resolution process in which an impartial third party assists the participants to negotiate a consensual and informed settlement. Decision making authority rests with the parties.”

The benefits of mediation include reduced costs, quicker resolution, control of the outcome, a more relaxed setting, and cooperation between the parties. Whereas a case that goes to trial or hearing is determined by a disinterested judge who does not know the parties or their entire history. A judge will only be able to base a decision on the information presented at hearing, and the parties relinquish any say in the decision. It can take months to obtain a court date and the outcome can be unpredictable.

Given Ms. Boyd’s background as a litigator and advocate, she understands the importance of an effective and proactive mediator who can identify the issues and facilitate constructive communication and conflict resolution.

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