covid-19 stimulus check

Because of the Coronavirus pandemic, the world is currently in a crisis. Many employees have been laid off because there are businesses that have no choice but to shut down. Some have enough to survive, while others do not. Because of what has been happening, just this late March, Congress has passed the CARES Act. And as a part of the CARES Act, coronavirus stimulus checks, or officially called Economic Impact Payment will be given to eligible families. This is monetary assistance during this COVID-19 pandemic

Because many problems arose during this global crisis, some couples decided to end their marriage and file for divorce. Confusion now arises to couples who got recently divorced or who are going through a divorce process. 

The question of many is: Who gets the stimulus checks in a divorce?

The COVID-19 stimulus checks are deposited into the account where you filed your last income return jointly. So if your last filing was 2018, you are still married by that time, and the 2019 taxes have not been filed yet and you are now divorced, the stimulus checks will be deposited to one spouse’s account only. Ideally, the assumption is you are still together based on 2018 records and now 100% of the COVID-19 stimulus checks are deposited into one’s account. 

What do I do?

If it has been deposited in your account, then you do not have a problem at all. Just divide the check equally or according to a mutual agreement for a fair share. However, if it has been deposited in the other spouse’s account, you would have to ask for your share. Hopefully, you are still in contact and in good terms to talk about the share and division of the COVID-19 stimulus checks.

If the other spouse does not want to share or you are having disputes about the division of the monetary assistance, you should seek legal help. It does not have to be necessarily a case you have to build up in court and for litigation, this is something that mediation can fix. Furthermore, litigation will cost more money, and courts are closed. 

Mediation is where a neutral person, who is knowledgeable about the law, will sit and discuss in your amidst. He or she will moderate the negotiations until you and your ex-spouse will reach an agreement that both will benefit you. 

Who do I call for mediation?

The Law Office of Dawn M. Boyd is here to assist you with your concerns. Dawn M. Boyd has been practicing law for over two decades has been focusing on family law. Because of his experience for more than 20 years, he has handled many clients for mediation and litigation. Since he has worked with many couples, he understands the conflicts that may arise during mediation or litigation. He is experienced and accomplished, a lawyer who is committed to hear your concerns and aid you in the legal aspects.  For consultations and appointments, contact us today

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