Mediation is the process, where an impartial and neutral third party helps the participants to identify the issues in dispute and work toward reaching an agreement while retaining the decision making authority.
Advocacy requires honest communication and realistic expectations. In dealing with broken family relationships, it is important to deal with individuals compassionately and with dignity so healing can begin as their lives transition.
Litigation is the filing of a lawsuit in court, and often involves numerous procedures before a matter is heard by a judge, if it not resolved by the parties beforehand.

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Family, Mediation and Litigation Services in Columbia City, IN

The last thing most people want to do is spend their time, energy, and money battling a contested legal matter. This holds true whether the issue is a contract dispute or the break-down of a family. It’s hard enough navigating the emotional and financial issues of legal conflicts, much less the legal nuances and requirements to protect your interests and that of your family.

Dawn M. Boyd understands how important your family and legal issues are to you and the importance of a cooperative attorney and client relationship. As a party advocate in contested family law and civil matters, she has consistently seen the great benefits that result from mediation without the stress and acrimony that can spring from litigation. Responsible advocacy, especially in the areas of family disputes, is problem resolution, not problem escalation. However, should the need for litigation arise, Ms. Boyd has an extensive and strong background in contested advocacy, and will vigorously pursue your interests

Ms. Boyd is accepting new clients and referrals to serve as a family law mediator in both represented and pro se (unrepresented by an attorney) cases. She handles cases in Allen, Noble, Kosiusko, Huntington, and Whitley counties.