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Mediation Services

Mediation is the process in which an impartial and neutral third party helps the participants to identify the issues in dispute and work toward reaching an agreement while retaining the decision making authority.

Mediation in Whitley County offers a number of benefits and can be used in a variety of legal matters, but it is especially advantageous in family legal matters.
Mediation is based in communication and respect. It brings disputing parties together – often divorcing spouses – to discuss the issues in dispute and determine the best possible outcome. Mediation is not intended to force couples into not divorcing, but it can be used to help them divorce in the best way possible. It prevents the process from becoming bitter and contentious, and enables couples to remain in complete control of the outcome.

Mediation has also been shown to make divorce easier on children in Whitley County. Because parents are not battling in the courtroom over their divorce, and instead are working together to design an ideal outcome, children see their parents as a team.

Mediation also offers a number of practical benefits, including being less expensive and creating a more efficient path to divorce. It also allows important relationships to be preserved so family members are able to work together in the future, especially when it comes to co-parenting.

If you believe mediation could help you and your family deal with a difficult situation, contact Dawn Boyd.

Family Law

Advocacy requires honest communication and realistic expectations. In dealing with broken family relationships, it is important to deal with individuals compassionately and with dignity so healing can begin as their lives transition.

Dawn Boyd takes pride in working with Whitley County families and helping them through some of the most difficult transitions of their lives.
The goal in family law matters should never be winning or losing. Everyone involved in the dispute should make an effort to find the best possible outcome and protect the most vulnerable members of the family. Should the matter escalate to court, the system will do what it can to offer protection but it will never understand your family as much as you do. In the best case scenario, you and your family will remain in control of decisions and will be able to resolve the disputes you currently face without court intervention.

The challenges that come with being a family can be difficult. The court system can make them even more so. If you are looking for way to resolve family law matters efficiently and effectively, contact Dawn.


Litigation is the filing of a lawsuit in court, and often involves numerous procedures before a matter is heard by a judge, if it not resolved by the parties beforehand.

Though there are many instances in which litigation can be avoided, especially when it comes to family legal matters, there are also instances in which it is inevitable. Some families have no choice but to hand over their fate to the court system. Occasionally, disputes escalate to this point, but in other cases litigation is the only option right from the start.
When this happens in Whitley County, Dawn Boyd can help. She acts as an advocate for clients involved in litigation and will do all she can to ensure that they are treated fairly. Litigation can be fraught with complication and difficult to understand. Dawn takes the time to understand each client’s situation and explain to the best of her ability what can be expected and how to take the best approach.

If you are involved in litigation or you believe your situation is headed in that direction in Whitley County, contact Dawn to schedule a consultation.




Family, Mediation and Litigation services in Columbia City, IN
The last thing most people want to do is spend their time, energy, and money battling a contested legal matter. This holds true whether the issue is a contract dispute or the break-down of a family.


Dawn is hands down, the best attorney I've ever encountered. she's very knowledgable, very tentative, and she actually cares about her clients rather than the money she's getting. she has been my attorney for 7 months and counting and I couldn't be more pleased. I HIGHLY recommend dawn for family law issues, and I would 110% recommend her to my family and friends.
Kelli Arnold
Dawn worked with my wife and I on an obscure guardianship issue. She was knowledgeable, compassionate, efficient and beyond competent in all the work she did with us. We are very thankful for the work she did for our family and will continue to use her services if needs arise in the future. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of any issues dealing with family law.
Alex Carlin
Dawn, represented me in an out of court settlement case. She was very thorough with accumulating the facts and approached the case exactly as I requested. With her knowledge of the law and great communication with the plaintiff's lawyers, we were able to agree on a very fair settlement to avoid going to court. I highly recommend Dawn and will definitely seek her counsel if ever needed again.
Terry Edwards



Do i really need an attorney for my family law issue?


Where your family is concerned, legal decisions can have a significant impact on your life and your future. Family law, which runs the gamut from prenuptial agreements to guardianship to divorce, can be extremely complex. Having an experienced attorney at your side is extremely beneficial for your case to ensure that you are aware of all of your rights and obligations. An attorney can be instrumental in helping you get a fair and equitable divorce settlement


What is mediation?


Mediation involves a neutral third-party who helps to facilitate conversation between two disputing parties. When compared with litigation, mediation is more cost-effective, reduces the time spent esolving the conflict, and allows individuals to play a bigger role in dispute resolution.
Ms. Boyd accepts new clients and referrals to serve as a family law mediator in both represented and pro se (unpresented by an attorney) cases. She handles cases in Allen, Noble, Kosiusco, Huntington, and Whitley Counties.
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