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Mediation Services



Mediation Services

Mediation is a process that brings together parties involved in a dispute and a neutral third party to identify the issues and work toward reaching an agreement that is satisfactory to everyone involved.It is entirely voluntary, confidential, and cooperative. It gives control of the outcome to those most affected by it and it allows for the most efficient and effective resolution possible.

Mediation offers many benefits.

It is less expensive than litigation and takes less time. In part, this is because parties do not have to hire attorneys. They are free to represent themselves and negotiate on their own behalf. There is also no discovery process in mediation. Parties come to the table under the agreement that they will be open and honest and negotiate in good faith. They have the power to resolve the issue and can do so in as little as a few hours, if they so choose.

Mediation also puts disputing parties in control of the outcome of the dispute. Resolving a legal dispute in the courtroom creates winners and losers. It guarantees that at least one party will walk away unhappy with the outcome – and sometimes everyone is unhappy!

This is not the case with mediation. In mediation, parties can craft unique-to-their-circumstances resolutions that are satisfactory to everyone involved. The goal of mediation is not just to end the dispute. It is to end the dispute with a resolution that is the best possible outcome for all parties. In litigation, a judge bases his or her ruling on the information presented at hearing and the parties relinquish any say in the decision. This can take months and end in misery. Mediation provides an efficient way to stay in control of the situation and truly resolve the matter.

Mediation is also ideal in situations when it will benefit everyone to preserve the existing relationship. The process is based in respect and communication, and does not pit one side against the other. They are aware of their common goal and able to collaborate on the best outcome. When parties are able to work together to reach a satisfactory resolution, they are more likely to view one another as colleagues instead of adversaries. This allows them to conduct business or deal with family issues in the future without animosity, regret, and blame.

If you are involved in a dispute in Columbia City, Indiana and you want to find a better way to resolve it, Dawn Boyd can help.

Dawn is a Certified Family Law Mediator in the State of Indiana. She is listed on the Registry of Approved Court Mediators with the Supreme Court of Indiana and works with parties who are both represented and unrepresented by attorneys.

Dawn has a background as a litigator and advocate, so she understands the importance of an effective and proactive mediator who is able to help parties identify the issues and findbetter resolution through constructive communication and conflict resolution.

For more information or to schedule a consultation to discuss mediation in Columbia City Indiana with Dawn, contact her at 260.244.6900.

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Ms. Boyd accepts new clients and referrals to serve as a family law mediator in both represented and pro se (unpresented by an attorney) cases. She handles cases in Allen, Noble, Kosiusco, Huntington, and Whitley Counties.
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